Lawmaker: Walker continues to delay repaying taxpayers

By The Northwoods River News

Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) says state taxpayers are still on the hook for campaign expenses related to Gov. Scott Walker's failed presidential campaign, and she wants him to pay up.

Earlier this month, she said, it was reported that Walker is actively soliciting donations from supporters to pay off his estimated $1 million presidential campaign debt, and, during his 71-day presidential run, Walker spent $6.4 million, including nearly $10,000 to his own family members.

Despite promising to promptly reimburse taxpayers for his campaign expenses, she said, records show that Walker accrued the debt without repaying more than $67,000 in travel and security expenses owed to the state.

"It has been over a month since Walker ended his failed presidential run, but Wisconsin taxpayers are still on the hook for $67,000 of his campaign costs," Shankland said. "With Walker's campaign over a million dollars in debt, what assurances do the people of Wisconsin have that they will ever see this money again? Before the governor pays another penny to a campaign consultant or vendor, Wisconsin taxpayers should be reimbursed immediately."

Shankland said the governor owes taxpayers an explanation.

"It is outrageous that Walker was able to funnel himself this taxpayer assistance to begin with," she said. "If my Republican colleagues truly care about being good stewards of our public dollars, then they will move my legislation forward to end this taxpayer-funded welfare to political campaigns."