New act provides relief to area farmers

By Keegan Hewitt

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WAOW) - After years of different issues plaguing Wisconsin farmers, a bit of relief is on the horizon.

Wisconsin Act 223 was the focus of a visit from the Department of Trade and Consumer Protection today in Stevens Point.

The event brought farmers and supporters from across central Wisconsin to celebrate the next steps of conserving soil throughout Wisconsin.

The act looks to help farmers maintain soil health by providing state funding and by offering a new cover-crop insurance program.

The cover crop rebate program will give $5 back to farmers for every acre they plant cover crops in.

Cover crops are used to maintain nutrients in the soil for the farmers during the non-growing season.

Randy Romanski, Secretary for the Department of Trade and Consumer Protection says an event like this is just the starting point for years of conservation in farming.

"Here we are, right in central Wisconsin, amongst a group of farmers and partners who are dedicated to making sure that we are conserving soil, and preserving water for generations to come" said Secretary Romanski

Stevens Point Representative Katrina Shankland spoke in support of the act after having helped craft it into law.