Shankland Releases Statement on Amended Sexually Violent Person (SVP) Placement Bill

By The City Times

“Governor Walker should sign bill into law as written by legislators, district attorneys, and law enforcement – not veto it!”

MADISON – On Feb. 20, the Wisconsin State Senate adopted an amendment to Assembly Bill 539, legislation that would require Sexually Violent Persons (SVPs) to be placed in their home counties for supervised release. The amendment adds a minor funding appropriation, which creates an opportunity for Governor Walker to use his line-item veto on the bill.

In response, Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) released the following statement

“The problem of out-of-county SVP placements could have been solved months ago if the Governor hadn’t vetoed my bipartisan budget motion, which passed both houses of the legislature. Because of the Governor’s budget veto, there are three new pending SVP placements in Portage County. It’s too bad that rural communities like Lanark and Alban are suffering the consequences.

“Now, the legislature is passing a bill that is modeled after the plan that we already passed. Unfortunately, Governor Walker has made it abundantly clear that he intends to veto portions of this bill again instead of doing the right thing and signing it into law. The Governor would not have the ability to partially veto this bill if it hadn’t been amended today, and I’m disappointed that Senate Republicans chose to set Governor Walker up for a second veto.

“The veto that the Governor is considering would put the program at risk of a court finding it unconstitutional, which could ultimately lead to SVPs being released onto the street sooner without state supervision. I urge Governor Walker to reconsider his position and sign the bill into law as written – without playing politics by using a partial veto to change what the legislature, law enforcement, and district attorneys need to protect the public. Families in rural communities deserve to finally have some peace of mind.”