Shankland Release: Limits on Early Voting Struck Down as Unconstitutional

For the City Times

MADISON- Today, U.S. District Judge James Peterson ruled that limits to early voting passed by Republican legislators during December’s lame-duck legislative session are unconstitutional. Judge Peterson struck down a series of similar provisions as unconstitutional in 2016, and cited this decision as part of the reason for today’s ruling.

In response, Rep. Shankland (D-Stevens Point) released the following statement:

“When Republican lawmakers cut early voting by more than 50% during the lame duck session, we reminded them that a federal judge had already ruled that this law was unconstitutional. They didn’t listen. Today, the same judge ruled again that their law to eliminate early voting hours is unconstitutional.

“It’s unfortunate that Republican legislators wasted taxpayer money by abusing their power and trying to reduce early voting hours. No politician should be afraid of voters. Instead, we should be doing everything we can to expand access to the right to vote. Period.”