Wisconsin's 12 native tribes honored in Stevens Point

By Tom Lally, WAOW

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WAOW) — All 12 of Wisconsin’s indigenous tribes were celebrated at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point on Monday.

Veterans carried each tribe’s flag through the University Center, where they will sit for years to come. The school itself rests on traditional Ho-Chunk and Menominee land.

Iris Carufel is the Native American Center Coordinator who organized the event Monday. “For me, being a native student in higher education, often we go unrecognized and often we are invisible,” she said. “So this will be the first thing… we are doing to honor our native peoples, especially the ones that are from these ancestral lands.”

Representative Katrina Shankland spoke at the event, reading Gov. Evers’ executive order to the crowd establishing the second Tuesday of October as Indigenous People’s Day.

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