Local Lawmakers React to the State Budget Proposal

CENTRAL WISCONSIN (WSAU) -- Governor Scott Walker unveiled his 2017-19 state budget proposal on Wednesday night. Like many things in politics, there were mixed reviews of the governor's proposal.

Representative Katrina Shankland had a bone to pick with the governor's previous and current school funding plan.

"The proposal that he has does not make up for the damage that he's created," said Shankland. "But secondly, the way that the aid is being divvied out to public schools really is not going to benefit those who need it most."

Many have noted that there is a lot of spending in the governor's new budget. Sen. Tom Tiffany says some tax relief is coming as well.

He said, "I would be very alarmed if there were not also significant tax reductions. For example, the forestry mill tax that appears on everybody's property tax across the state, the governor is proposing to eliminate that. So we are going to see some property tax relief."

Walker's budget proposal now goes to the legislature's joint finance committee.