Shankland awarded "Legislator of the Year"

By WSAU News

MADISON, WI (WSAU) -- Stevens Point Democratic State Representative Katrina Shankland has been recognized as a Legislator of the Year by both the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Wisconsin State Fire Chief's Association.

Shankland says that she always strives to include area veterans in choices she makes in Madison.

"I have legislation that I'm trying to pass right now that would help disabled veterans get greater access to mentored hunting," said Shankland. "As well as just keeping in contact with members of the Plover VFW, for example, hearing from them on issues that are important to them and working toward that."

Shankland shares the honor from the Fire Chief's Association with Republican Representative Amy Loudenbeck from Clinton. Together, they've worked on bills to give EMTs greater power to address medical problems and help patients get the right level of care.

"I do think it's important to reach across the isle to advance health care access, especially for people in rural areas and people who have less access to emergency and non-emergency care alike. I thought it was a really important issue, other states are doing it," said Shankland.

"The goal is to reduce ER visits, reduce hospital re-admissions, and reduce overuse of medical care that could otherwise be provided in the home. Hopefully, in the long run, more people have access to health care and we're paying less through insurance."

One bill updating Emergency Medical Licensure levels in Wisconsin has already been signed into law. The most recent bill along these lines, Assembly Bill 151, has passed through the Assembly on a unaniomus vote and is waiting for a Senate vote.