County shares effects of proposed elderly care cuts

Written by Sari Lesk, Stevens Point Journal Media

STEVENS POINT — Portage County residents are invited to hear the personal stories of their fellow community members who could be affected by changes to care for the elderly and disabled as a result of Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget.
The proposed budget would eliminate local community resources in favor of statewide, third-party contracted resources to help the elderly and disabled.
The county will host a press conference Tuesday where elderly and disabled individuals, as well as their advocates, will address matters of daily health and well-being, according to a release from the county. They will also talk about personal liberty and the importance of access, stability and choice in their lives to maximize their independence.
The county also plans to create a video to share on social media to help spread awareness about the proposal.
Local legislators Julie Lassa and Katrina Shankland held a listening session at the county’s Aging and Disability Resource Center on Friday to hear the personal stories of their constituents. More than 150 people attended the event, and many shared their experiences of benefiting from the services that are proposed to change.