Sexually Violent Persons Bill Passes State Assembly

By Logan Wenger, WSAU News

MADISON, WI (WSAU) -- A bill that would have sexually violent persons or SVP's placed in the county where they committed their crime passed the state assembly on Tuesday. 

Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) co-authored the bill. She says she believes all residents in Wisconsin have waited too long to a bill like this to pass. 

She said, "This is an issue that shouldn't be about partisan politics. This should be about doing what's right so that everyone in every community can sleep safe and sound at night knowing that there aren't SVPs being shipped from other counties over to them without their input or approval."

Governor Scott Walker vetoed a version of this bill last September. Rep. Shankland says she's hopeful a meeting with the governor will help move the bill along.

"I have been in touch with his office again because I'm still trying to get a meeting," said Shankland. "I've talked with my colleagues across the aisle who also are working on trying to get a meeting. I worked with Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) who is also on the budget committee on this issue and I know he's working on trying to get a meeting as well."

Two SVP's were released in Portage County in the Town of Alban without residents having any say in the matter. One individual was from Washington County and the other from Chippewa County. Jason Staves, the offender from Chippewa County, recently violated his parole and has been sent back to a treatment facility.

Rep. Shankland says she believes a meeting with Governor Walker needs to happen for him to finally sign the bill into law, if it's approved by the Senate.