Applaud Democrats who stood against dark money

By Jody Hurrish, published in the Stevens Point Journal

EDITOR: After his presidential campaign failed, Gov. Scott Walker and his henchmen are promulgating a governance of spite in our state. This is especially pernicious in their insistence to control other peoples’ morality instead of dealing with their own. We have a coup d’etat by fiat. The budget was a giant lump of chicanery playing on the backs of 99 percent of the citizens.

These are not the frankfurter and Pop Tart Republicans of the 1960s. These Republicans are drunk on power. Their latest clandestine structure is to protect their leadership . They are the Party of Corruption, hidden from the media and the public. The Republicans have gagged and shackled our minority party, mocking them when they dare to speak out.
Last month in the Assembly, led by Reps. Peter Barca and Katrina Shankland, 33 magnificent Democrats stood in unison and recused themselves from a vote to allow more dark, unlimited money in campaigns. They said they would not accept the false rule of the Republican Corruption party. It was quite wonderful to see the majority party scrambling in confusion. Strangely the local press ignored this big story in favor of heroin busts and pumpkins.
I hear Minnesota is putting up a wall so Wisconsinites don’t infect them with their virus. Rise up Wisconsinites, as you did with the open records hullabaloo. (We did have some assistance from the media with that one.) Do some Japanese snake dancing. Get engaged. Pound the pavement. Get your voter ID, help your brother get his, get Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, we are not the Santa Claus Party, we are not the Corruption Party. We are the Democratic Party. We are the last hope for Wisconsin.

Jody Hurrish,

Stevens Point