Tapped Maple Syrup Nominated for Coolest Thing in Wisconsin


WAUSAU, WI (WSAU) -- A local maple syrup business has been nominated for a state-wide contest.

Tapped Maple Syrup, a business that makes small-batch craft infused barrel-aged syrup, has been nominated by Stevens Point Representative Katrina Shankland for the Coolest Thing in Wisconsin contest.

Tapped owner Jeremy Solin says the company has been creating infused maple syrup for the past few years. "We make infused barrel-aged and pure maple syrup from sustainably managed forests in Northern Wisconsin. We make those syrups on lands our family has been for the past 100 years.

"And we work with a variety of other partners across the state. That includes coffee shops, bars, restaurants, small retail places. Who use our maple syrups to do amazing things with them. Specialty cocktails, and specialty coffee drinks and entree's and desserts and all kinds of things.

"So its one of the ways that we really stay connected to our land and to generate some revenue."

Solin says the business knew ahead of time that Shankland was planning on nominating them for the contest. Which he says is a humbling but exciting experience.

"It's a statewide contest so it's going to be pretty competitive we're sure. But it's a really amazing opportunity to share what we do with taps to the rest of the state. And to kind of help us to build more partnerships out of that and get a broader reach in the state. So yeah, we're super excited about it."

Aside from winning the contest, Solin says the best outcome from their nomination would be to add more partners across the state. "I mean we do business through a partnership model so the folks that we work with throughout the state we consider partners.

"We are continuously interested in additional partners who are interested in good food, real food supporting sustainable forests and local businesses. So gaining additional partners out of that and kind of broader recognition for what we're doing with maple syrup in the state would be a huge bonus out of the process."

The first round of voting for the Coolest Thing in Wisconsin contest starts on Monday, September 9th and lasts until Sunday, September 15th. You can vote for Tapped Maple Syrup at www.madeinwis.com

Solin says you can find Tapped Maple Syrups and multiple locations throughout Wisconsin or at their online store. You can find a full list of Tapped's partners at their website, www.tappedmaplesyrup.com.