Portage Co. woman gets statewide recognition from Governor’s wife

by Victoria Saha

First Lady Kathy Evers announced a program called "Women Who Inspire," which is part of a committee that celebrates the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

It now features Chai Moua who serves as the Portage County Supervisor.

State Representative Katrina Shankland nominated Moua for being an asset in elected office and a fierce advocate in her community.

Moua is the first Hmong woman to serve in public office in Portage County.

"It's overwhelming, but I think this will open a pathway for women of color to come into leadership" Moua said.

Moua said she thanks represenative Shankland for the nomination and that this is an honor for her.

Moua will be featured on the Women Who Inspire website until August 25th.