Water Quality Task Force to Hold Public Hearing on July 24

By: Stevens Point News 7/22/19

STEVENS POINT – On Wednesday, July 24, the Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality will hold a public hearing in Stevens Point.

Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) is the Vice Chair of the Task Force and invites members of the public to testify on water quality issues.

“Everyone deserves access to safe, clean drinking water,” said Shankland. “As Vice Chair of the Water Quality Task Force, I am pleased we will be in my district to hear from you. As we travel around the state listening to folks who are dealing with contaminated wells and lead laterals, I am more committed than ever to working with my colleagues to pass clean water legislation.”

The 16-member bipartisan task force has been traveling around the state to hear from communities affected by water quality issues, and Rep. Shankland made Stevens Point a priority in their statewide tour. The committee will tour the water lab and hear several presentations from invited speakers. The public testimony of the hearing will likely begin after 2:30 p.m.

WHAT: Public Hearing on Water Quality

WHO: Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality

WHEN: Wednesday, July 24 at 12:00 p.m.

WHERE: UW-Stevens Point Dreyfus University Center, Laird Room North, 1015 Reserve Street