Tomorrow River School District Receives $82,414 Safety Grant

By SPN Staff

MADISON/AMHERST – This morning, the Department of Justice announced that 19 schools would receive $1.9 million dollars in total grant money, one of which is the Tomorrow River School District in Amherst.

The Tomorrow River School District was awarded $82,414 through a recent school safety grant program, similar to the grant given to Stevens Point Public Area Schools District, created by Wisconsin Act 143. Funds will be available immediately for preparations on security upgrades for the district.

Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) released the following statement regarding the grant:

“Congratulations to the Tomorrow River School District on being awarded this needed school safety funding! I was happy to vote for this school safety grant funding in the legislature and am glad that the children of the Tomorrow River community will benefit. All students deserve a safe learning environment that is free from fear.

“While this grant funding is an important first step, it is important to note that one-time funding is not sufficient to cover every Wisconsin school’s safety needs. The legislature should work with school leaders to institute policies to enhance school safety in a more comprehensive manner, and I hope this will be a priority in the upcoming session.”