Students Get Hands-On Experience at Sentry Insurance IT Center

By: WSAW Staff May 24, 2019 WSAW

STEVENS POINT, Wis. -- In the nearly three years the Sentry Insurance Information Technology Co-op has been opened in downtown Stevens Point, UW-Stevens Point students are getting a lot of hands-on experience.

Democratic state representative Katrina Shankland and Caleb Frostman, the secretary for the Department of Workforce Development, got a first-hand look at the IT center Friday. Another benefit of the center is that it keeps some of the young talent in the area.

"It's really nice to see private folks getting involved with university systems and talking to greater workforce to make sure we're addressing employer needs and addressing our employees' needs," Frostman said. "Building an economic infrastructure that works for all of Wisconsin."

Shankland explained, "One-on-one training and mentorship doesn't just develop them in the short term. It develops them into long-term leaders who can continue to mentor others. That really shows a sustainable commitment to the community and growing jobs here."

Students work 12 to 19 hours during the week when school is in session, and 40 hours during summer. Students are invited to apply for IT jobs at Sentry Insurance.