Rep. Shankland: Statement on Gableman Report

MADISON- Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) released the following statement in response to a report released today by former Justice Michael Gableman:

“Our state’s elections are secure, fair, and accurate thanks to the efforts of clerks and election officials across our state. Wisconsin election officials have worked tremendously hard to adapt to unprecedented challenges and ensure that voting remains accessible and safe for all.

“This report is an embarrassment to the Legislature and insulting to our democracy. We will not decertify the 2020 election results, and we’re also not going to allow Mike Gableman to continue misleading the public into thinking that is even legally allowable. Nonpartisan attorneys at both the Legislative Council and Legislative Reference Bureau have made it clear that it is not legally possible to decertify the election, and it’s troubling that a former justice of the Supreme Court would even suggest that as an option. It only underscores that his end game is to sow doubt and discord.

“This so-called investigation is eroding trust in our elections, and that’s by design. Throughout this process, disinformation has been spread deliberately while our election officials have been attacked and rebuked for simply doing their jobs. This is unacceptable, and it’s long past time for it to stop.

“Not only has this process undermined democracy and wasted our taxpayer dollars, but it also has bipartisan opposition. It’s time to end the Gableman investigation, and I’m glad to be a cosponsor of an Assembly resolution to do so.”