Wisconsin Lawmakers come together for Bipartisan Wisconsin Paper Caucus

By Brennen Scarborough, WSAW

MADISON, Wis-- Lawmakers are hoping to help strengthen the paper industry in Wisconsin by coming together to form what's called the Bipartisan Wisconsin Paper caucus. It's also has a representative from Governor Tony Evers' Administration.

The mission of the caucus is to inform policy makers about the importance of the paper making industry, both socially and economically. Members will also highlight the industry's history and the economic importance of the paper, pulp, forestry and printing sectors.

Both Democratic and Republican representatives in the caucus who say they're just excited to be a part of it.

"I think what this is going to be about first and foremost is protecting the heritage of the state as it relates to paper making and making sure we keep these good jobs in our communities for generations to come," said Democratic Representative Katrina Shankland, 71st Assembly District.

"Paper jobs are roaring back now and I think it's time for us to put some fuel on the fire and help recruitment, retention, open the eyes of the individuals to the opportunity for paper making. And help these paper makers to help get their products in the hands of people around the country," added Republican Representative Scott Krug, 72nd Assembly District.

Lawmakers are still allowing others to join the caucus as meetings are expected to begin soon.