Rep. Shankland Thanks Governor Evers for Including Clean Water Initiatives in Budget

Stevens Point City Times

STEVENS POINT – Today, Governor Tony Evers announced new water quality initiatives in his budget that will expand access to clean drinking water. The announcement comes just days after Gov. Evers announced $70 million in bonding to address water quality in Wisconsin. The governor’s proposal announced today allocates $2 million for the Well Compensation Grant Program, an increase of $1.6 million. This will help prioritize the replacement, reconstruction, or treatment of the most contaminated private wells across Wisconsin. The proposal also provides a new economic hardship cost share option for families making under the median income.

Rep. Shankland, who authored legislation to expand the Well Compensation Grant Program, and who was recently named Vice Chair of the Speaker’s Water Quality Task Force, issued this statement in response:

“I’m thrilled that Governor Evers has included portions of my clean water legislation in his budget! His recognition that everyone deserves access to clean water exemplifies true leadership. Since Governor Evers took office, he has made access to clean water a priority by declaring 2019 the Year of Clean Drinking Water and by offering $70 million for clean water initiatives. His actions today, in expanding well compensation grant programs through his budget, reinforce his commitment to the people of Wisconsin who cannot access safe drinking water.

“The well compensation grant program helps people remediate their contaminated wells, and dramatically expanding access to the grant program means that more homeowners across Wisconsin will be able to get clean water. No one should have to buy bottled water because their drinking water is contaminated. One in ten wells across Wisconsin are contaminated with undrinkable water, and this proposal to expand access to well compensation grants shows that our governor recognizes the problem our state is facing. We all deserve access to clean and safe drinking water, and I thank Governor Evers for his commitment to clean water in Wisconsin.”