Shankland: Republicans desperate following November Election

By City Times Staff

MADISON — On Monday, after rare lame-duck session that would seek to restrict early voting and limit the power of Gov.-Elect Tony Evers, local representative, and member of the Democratic Joint Finance Committee, Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) released a joint statement with others in response.

In a Monday press conference, Republican Senate leader Scott Fitzgerald expressed mistrust over Evers as he defended the lame-duck session.

“Listen, I’m concerned. I think that Gov.-elect Evers is going to bring a liberal agenda to Wisconsin,” he said.

The 141-page plan would move the 2020 presidential primary to March, likely to benefit the bid of a conservative Supreme Court Justice, and also restrict early voting to only two weeks before an election. The move also limits the powers of Gov.-Elect Tony Evers, and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul. Further moves include limiting Democratic involvement in the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, as well as a campaign promise from Evers to become involved in the Affordable Care Act.

It’s a move that many Democrats are seeing as petty, and hypocritical, as the Walker administration prepares to leave office, but not before limiting the powers of incoming Democrats. The following is from a press release taken from Democratic leaders on the Joint Finance Committee, including District 71 Representative Katrina Shankland.

Rather than focus on the issues impacting Wisconsin families, Republican lawmakers on the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee considered legislation to rig elections, limit the powers of Governor-elect Tony Evers and reverse the will of Wisconsin voters.

“Republicans want to take away the authority of the incoming governor and attorney general and disrespect the will of the voters,” said Rep Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point). “These power-hungry politicians are playing dirty politics, plain and simple. It’s wrong and we won’t stand for it. I encourage everyone to call their State Senator and Representative and urge them to vote no on these bills. We should be fixing our roads, investing in education, and strengthening healthcare access — not wasting taxpayer money on this abuse of power.”

“The people voted for a change. This unprecedented, last-minute attempt to consolidate power by the Republican leaders is clearly going against the will of the people who elected a Democrat to lead Wisconsin,” said Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton).

“Never before in the history of our state have we had desperate politicians refuse to cede power when their party lost an election,” said Rep. Chris Taylor. “These Republican politicians think the government should be about them and their power rather than about the people of this state. This is a shameful rebuke of Wisconsin voters who voted for change, not more of the same dirty politics.”

Proposals will move into full consideration by the legislature this afternoon.