Republican lawmakers propose middle class tax cut

By Melissa Holke, WAOW

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — Assembly Republicans are proposing a plan for a middle class tax cut, after meeting with Governor Tony Evers earlier this week.

The proposed tax reductions target individuals earning less than $100,000 and families that earn less than $150,000.

Republican lawmakers hope the plan is something both sides can agree on.

“Nobody in Madison wants to go home at the end of the next two years and say we couldn’t get anything done,” Republican Representative of the 72nd Assembly District, Scott Krug said.

Some fear Governor Evers’ proposal for a middle-class tax break would lead to taxes on farmers and manufacturers.

Democratic Representative Katrina Shankland said Evers’ proposal would protect small farmers and manufacturers.

“There’s never a good time to raise taxes on farms but this is as bad as time as you could come up with,” Republican Representative of the 69nd Assembly District, Bob Kulp said.

The proposal from the Republican representatives said money would come from the surplus which would protect those workers.

“This will be coming out and effect a lot of regular folks, middle-income folks that need a little relief in their paychecks,” Republican Representative of the 85th Assembly District, Patrick Snyder said. “We’re able to do this without anyone having their taxes raised by using the 588 million surplus that has been developed over the past eight years.”

Melissa Baldauff, a spokeswoman for Evers said, “It’s great to hear that Republicans agree with another one of the governor’s good ideas to support middle-class families, however, their proposal falls short of what Gov. Evers has proposed.”

Republicans said their proposal would allow a $310 tax cut for middle-class Wisconsinites on their 2020 tax bill.

They hope to have the ‘stand alone proposal’ in by next week and a bill in the next few months. But before that, comes an uphill battle with the governor.