Bipartisan bill passes to support Verso & Park Falls paper mills

MADISON – Representative Katrina Shankland voted on Nov. 11 to pass Assembly Bill 682, legislation authorizing the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to award loans and grants to support both the Verso and Park Falls mills.

Rep. Shankland stated, “Over a year has gone by since the Verso paper mill in Wisconsin Rapids was first idled, and I have been firmly committed to supporting those affected by the mill’s closure and working to identify and advance bipartisan solutions. Our state’s paper, pulp, forestry and timber industries throughout Wisconsin are vital to the economy, and we must act together to strengthen these industries.”

“As a coauthor of Assembly Bill 682 and as the Assembly Vice Chair of the Legislative Paper Caucus, I am pleased that we were able to pass this meaningful, bipartisan bill through the State Assembly to support the Verso and Park Falls mills, our communities, and our state’s pulp, paper, and forestry industries today. I urge the State Senate to take up this legislation and pass it as soon as possible.”