Area legislators respond to recent executive order by Gov. Evers

Victoria Saha, WAOW

Since the pandemic started Governor Tony Ever's administration has issued several orders and mandates but they have mostly been met with lawsuits.

Tuesday night, Governor Evers issued an executive order, however it came with advisements not requirements.

"We are advising Wisconsinites to stay home to save lives we must get back to the basics of fighting this virus just like we did last spring and it starts at home," said Governor Evers.

Governor Evers has been in legal battle with GOP state law makers since the pandemic began on how state government should respond to the virus.

First it was the Safer At Home order in March, which was struck down by the State Supreme Court in May.

Then came capacity limits which has also been overturned.

The only order still in effect is a state wide mask mandate set to expire later this month.

"Please contact your local congressmen and leaders to provide additional resources to respond to this virus," the Governor said in his Tuesday night address.

However, area Republican legislators say they feel like they weren't given a voice at all.

"It is just like yesterday he chooses to work with the Health and Human Services Department and not the assembly," said Representative John Spiros (R) from Marshfield.

However, Democratic lawmakers believe there is no one to blame.

"Every single voice of policy makers should be part of the process but we need to listen to scientists on simple ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 and many of those is what the Governor recommended yesterday," said Representative Katrina Shankland (D) from Stevens Point.

Both legislators say Wisconsinites can do more to help tackle the record breaking COVID-19 cases in the state.

The recent executive order includes staying home as much as possible, trying to work remotely and wearing a mask .