WORTFM: Democrats Push To Restore Collective Bargaining Rights For Teachers

More than a decade after Act 10 went into effect Wisconsin Democrats are trying to reclaim collective bargaining rights for teachers and others. The Collective Bargaining for Public Education Act was introduced Wednesday this week by Senator Chris Larson and Representative Katrina Shankland. It would allow UW-Hospital workers, teachers, and other frontline employees to collectively bargain over wages, hours, and conditions in the workplace once again.

One of the many groups advocating for this proposal is the Wisconsin Education Association Council. The council is a public-sector trade union that embraces advocacy, collaboration, professionalism, social justice and economic security for Wisconsin Public School students, families and educators.

Christina Brey is the public affairs director for WEAC. She joins Friday Buzz host to talk more about the proposal and its importance for educators here in Wisconsin.