• Vos, LeMahieu: Legislative Leaders Circulate Truth in Spending Act The people of Wisconsin should have a voice in how billions of federal dollars are spent. The Truth in Spending Act will allow Wisconsinites through their elected representatives to have a say in the allocation of Coronavirus recovery funds in their communities.
    • Statement: Passage of Unemployment Insurance System Upgrades “The legislation provides a simple and easy roadmap for the governor to finally move forward at upgrading the unemployment insurance computer systems. If Governor Evers needs us in the legislature to require him to do his job, we will."
    • Legislative Leaders Respond to the Governor’s Unrealistic Budget Instead of priorities to move the state forward, the governor’s budget proposal is more of a political document to fill the wish lists of his own party. It contains far too many poison pills like expanding welfare, legalizing recreational marijuana, repealing Act 10 & growing the size of government.
    • Joint Statement on AB1 It appears Governor Evers cares more about his own power than the people of Wisconsin. The legislature passed a Coronavirus Relief Bill that provides the state more than $100 million to fight the virus and ensures that Wisconsinites have access to necessary medications, vaccines and COVID-19 tests.


Meet Speaker Robin Vos
Representative Robin Vos is the 75th Speaker of the Assembly and the longest serving speaker in Wisconsin history.

The life-long Racine County representative presides over a chamber of 99 members who have elected him to lead the chamber since 2013. Assembly Republicans currently hold a 60-seat majority, with one seat vacant.

Speaker Vos was first elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in 2004 and served as the Assembly Chair for the Joint Finance Committee prior to being elected Speaker.

The representative also owns several small businesses in southeastern Wisconsin.
Rep. Robin Vos


The Wisconsin State Capitol
The Department of Administration has closed the Wisconsin State Capitol and tours and canceled until further notice.

Speaker Vos invites you to take a virtual tour of the Capitol.



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