News & Updates

  • Speaker Vos Announces Creation of Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership "On our college campuses, we need to hear more than just one side of the debate; we need to ensure every voice is heard. This center will promote an even more rigorous debate of the current issues and hopefully, bipartisan solutions."
  • Speaker Vos Announces Free Speech on Campus Act Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) unveiled new legislation to protect free speech at UW System schools. The bill fulfills the Assembly Republican promise to protect the First Amendment on college campuses, encouraging the debate of ideas and promoting diversity of thought.
  • Statement on Transportation Priorities New projects shouldn’t begin in one region at the expense of the rest of southeast Wisconsin and the delays on the I-94 N-S in Racine County have continued for far too long. We will not move forward on the East-West project unless the North-South is on track. Our state can’t afford to ignore a major section of our interstate system.
  • Speaker Vos Announces State of the Tribes Address “This is an Assembly tradition that promotes better communications between the tribal nations and the state,” said Speaker Vos. “It’s important to find areas of mutual concern that we can work on together.”
  • Statement on NCSL National Award to Legislature "It is an honor to receive this important award as it represents our cooperative efforts to serve the state and our constituents."
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