Ensuring Every Legal Vote Counts

Since the November 3rd election, our office received numerous emails and phone calls from constituents and people all over Wisconsin voicing concerns about whether fraud influenced the state’s vote tally. Without regarding one’s political beliefs, having faith in the legitimacy of elections is vital to our democracy.

Therefore, the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections is conducting a thorough examination using its investigatory powers under Wisconsin SS 13.31 to review how the election was administered.        

To aid in the investigation, the committee needs specific and actionable information sent to the following e-mail address: election.complaints@legis.wi.gov. They request that a complaint, concern or allegation would include the following:

  • Specific and first-hand information regarding potential fraud/misconduct. Hearsay or news reports of non-specific events are not useful.
  • Detail on the incident/practice being reported (What, where, when and who).
  • Any supporting materials that would be helpful in vetting the allegation. This could include photos or names of witnesses.
  • Contact information so the person can be reached for clarification or additional information. If people choose to remain anonymous, that is their right but it may limit the value of their information if it is incomplete.

Maintaining the integrity of our elections and ensuring that only every legal vote counts is imperative to our country remaining the land of the free.