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How to File an Election Complaint

Filing complaints or submit comments with the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC)

Formal Complaints – Requesting legal action

(3 Types: §5.05, §5.06 & HAVA)

  • Requires form EL-1100
  • Requires citation of a specific statute violation.
  • Requires a notary (WEC can do for free by appointment)
  1. §5.05 Complaints - Election Law Violation
    • Cite the specific statute in 5.05 if you witnessed:
      • Electioneering
      • Distributing election-related materials at polling locations during an election
      • False statements affecting elections
      • Voter intimidation
      • Bribery
      • Election fraud
    • WEC will determine if the complaint will be referred to the district attorney.
    • §5.05 complaints are confidential and therefore, WEC will not comment on the complaint.
  1. §5.06 Complaints - Violations or Appeals of Decisions of Election Officials
    • Cite the specific statute in 5.06 if you believe an election official has violated the law regarding:
      • Nominations
      • Qualifications of candidates
      • Voting qualifications-based on residency, ward division, or renumbering
      • Recall
      • Ballot preparation
      • Election administration
      • Election Conduct
    •  The complainant must be a resident of the jurisdiction or district served by the official.
    • WEC will respond to §5.06 complaints.
  1. §5.061 HAVA (Help America Vote Act) Violation
      • A violation of HAVA has occurred with respect to an election for national office in Wisconsin

Comments & Concerns

  • Submitting comments & concerns is a simpler process that does not require a notary or cited statute. 
  • Not all comments & concerns will be given responses by WEC.

Election Comments

  • Use the comment form when you:
    • Had a positive/negative experience at their polling place.
    • Want to comment on a Commission opinion.
    • Had a positive/negative experience registering to vote or requesting an absentee ballot.

Accessibility Concern

  • Use the accessibility concern form when you:
    • Encountered barriers during the voting process.
    • Are experiencing an accessibility-related concern and need it addressed promptly.
    • Witnessed something that was inaccessible online, at an in-person absentee location, or at their polling place.


Please send a copy of your complaint/comment to your state representative and senator so they are aware of what is happening in their district. Click here to look up your elected officials.

Note: Most of this information was taken from the Wisconsin Elections Commission’s website. Visit their website for more information.