October 13, 2017

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The Week in Review

Foster Care Task Force Visits Milwaukee

This week the Speaker’s Task Force on Foster Care picked up again, this time traveling to southeastern Wisconsin to discuss foster care with local organizations and advocates. The hearing took place in Milwaukee County, which has the highest rate of foster care in Wisconsin.

At the hearing members heard from a variety of foster care advocates including Lad Lake, a youth social services organization from Milwaukee. Lad Lake provides services to foster children who are nearing adulthood, teaching them how to care for themselves and live independently.

Additionally, the task force has learned many children are being placed in the foster care system due to the increase in opioid addiction that has effected most of the state.

Assembly Bill 481, legislation I recently introduced with several of my colleagues, attempts to address addiction and foster care by helping parents get sober and reuniting families once parents have achieved sobriety. I hope this legislation will come before the full Assembly before we adjourn in 2018.

The task force will travel to Green Bay for its final hearing before the end of October. The group will then release a list of legislative recommendations soon after the final hearing.

Have a great weekend!

Expanding Access to Internet

This week, I joined local elected officials from the Greater Milwaukee Area, executives from Charter Communications and leadership from La Casa de Esperanza to introduce the Spectrum Internet Assist program. The Spectrum Internet Assist program will provide high-speed broadband internet to low-income families including seniors and students at a discounted price. It was great to be a part of this exciting opportunity for families throughout the area!

Constituents Visit the Office

It was a busy week in Madison and several constituents stopped by the office to discuss important issues and inform legislators on the importance of advanced practice registered nurses and occupational therapists in the medical field. Thanks for visiting!

In the District

On October 21, from 9 am – 3 pm, don’t miss the 13th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair with Bake Sale at the Brenwood Park Independent Senior Center located in Franklin. It’s a great opportunity for anyone looking to do some early Christmas shopping. All proceeds from the raffle and bake sale will benefit the Franklin Paramedic and Fire Department.

Brenwood Park is located at 9501 W. Loomis Rd., Franklin, WI.


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