December 1, 2017

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The Week in Review

Speaker's Task Force on Foster Care Unveils Foster Forward

Over the last several months, the Speaker’s Task Force on Foster Care traveled to communities throughout the state to learn more about issues affecting the foster care system and identify ways to improve foster care in Wisconsin. At the hearings, the task force invited parents, children and expert professionals that work on the front lines on a daily basis. Through the hearings we listened, learned and developed solutions that we believe will have a positive impact on children in Wisconsin.

This week, I’m proud to announce we unveiled the package of 13 legislative proposals titled Foster Forward. Each bipartisan proposal was developed based on the recommendations we received from parents, children and experts that testified at the hearings.

The bill I authored with Sen. Petrowski, Rep. Crowley and Sen. Johnson, will improve communication between schools and child welfare services to ease the process for children in out-of-home care.

The bill will address three areas: first, the bill would allow the school to submit comments when a plan is being developed for a child recently placed in foster care. The bill will also clarify the notification process to schools when a child is placed in out-of-home-care. Lastly, the proposal will require the immediate transfer of pupil records when a child in foster care transfers to a new school.

This legislation along with the other proposals is a great step towards improving foster care in Wisconsin!

Have a great weekend!

Gov. Walker Signs Bill Marking Grobschmidt Memorial Bridge

This week, Gov. Walker signed Senate Bill 99 into law, legislation I authored that will mark the Richard A. Grobschmidt Memorial Bridge along the Hank Aaron State Trail in Lakeshore State Park.

Former Senator Rick Grobschmidt, was a lifelong resident of South Milwaukee. He was revered by his colleagues for being a hard-worker, pushing for initiatives that made life better for everyone in the district but was humble and never sought headlines for the great things he did. He was well-liked and respected by colleagues and his constituents.

Back in August, at the hearing on SB 99, I had the pleasure of learning more about Rick and the great things he did for our community. Friends and family from across the state came to Madison to testify on this bill sharing heartwarming stories of Rick that showed not only that he was a good legislator but also a great friend and family-man. This is a well-deserved honor in remembrance of his dedication to public service.



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