Headline Date Released Media Outlet
Town Hall Held for Sign Language Interpreters Bill 8/18/2019 WSAU
Locking down legislation statewide for the deaf community 8/17/2019 WAOW
Gov. Tony Evers Signs Law Changing Sign Language Interpreter Certification 7/17/2019 WPR
Jonathan Brostoff Finally Cuts His Hair 7/5/2019 Urban Milwaukee
Wisconsin State Rep. Brostoff cuts hair in ceremony after passage of interpreting bill 7/3/2019 Daily Moth
Wisconsin lawmaker gets buzz-cut after vowing not to cut hair until sign language bill passed 7/2/2019 The Hill
Wisconsin Lawmaker Gets Buzz Cut After Bill Passes 7/2/2019 Political Wire
State rep. finally cuts his hair after winning deaf rights 7/2/2019 NBC 26
Lawmaker who vowed no haircuts until sign language interpreter bill passed finally gets buzz cut as deaf community cheers 7/1/2019 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Lawmaker gets long-awaited haircut after bill to protect deaf community passes 7/1/2019 WISN 12
Lawmaker finally gets haircut after bill to protect deaf community passes 7/1/2019 Yahoo! News
Rep. Brostoff can finally get a haircut — bill to protect deaf community passes Legislature 7/1/2019 Channel 3000
State lawmaker Brostoff gets haircut after bill for deaf community passes 7/1/2019 CBS 58
State rep. finally cuts his hair after winning deaf rights 7/1/2019 TMJ 4
Haircut for Deaf rights 7/1/2019 NowThis Politics
Speech in ASL a historical first for the Wisconsin State Legislature 7/1/2019
Wisconsin's Deaf community to gain expanded protection when sign language interpreter bill becomes law 6/30/2019 Milwaukee Independent
Legislators Cheer Passage of Landmark Bill to Protect Wisconsin’s Deaf and Interpreter Communities 6/20/2019 Urban Milwaukee
Standing up for deaf rights: Lawmaker vows not to cut hair until bill for deaf community passes 4/24/2019 Channel 3000
Wisconsin legislator not cutting hair until bill passes 4/19/2019 TMJ 4
NowThis Lawmaker Won't Cut Hair Until Deaf Community Bill Passes 4/14/2019 NowThis News
Growing Hair For Deaf Rights 3/9/2019 Brut.
Wisconsin Lawmaker Has Refused To Cut His Hair Until A Bill For The Deaf Community Passes, And Now He Looks Totally Different 2/21/2019 George Takei
Lawmaker refuses to get haircut until bill for deaf community is passed 2/20/2019 Yahoo! Life
Wisconsin Lawmaker Refuses To Cut Hair Until Bill For Deaf Community Passes 2/20/2019 HuffPost
Stingl: A Wisconsin lawmaker is refusing to cut his hair until a sign language interpreter bill is passed 2/19/2019 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
State lawmaker from Milwaukee won't cut hair until bill passes 2/19/2019 CBS 58
Wisconsin lawmaker refuses to cut hair until sign-language bill passes 2/19/2019 The Hill
Deaf Community Ill-Served by Legislature 3/16/2018 Urban Milwaukee, an op-ed by Kathleen Vinehout
Strong Support for Sign Language Interpreter’s Bill 12/1/2017 Urban Milwaukee
Rep. Jonathan Brostoff and Andrea Metzger: Bill would improve access and accountability for sign language interpreting in Wisconsin 11/29/2017
State Cuts 15% of Sign Language Interpreters 10/17/2017 Urban Milwaukee