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Forward Fridays


Welcome to my latest e-update! Here are highlights from the past week as your State Representative. 

As always, feel free to reach out to my office with any questions or concerns you have.

Forward together!  

City60 Meetings
City 60 Graphic.pngAs CITY60 comes to a close, this week I met with the Brookfield Police Chief, Wauwatosa Mayor, and a Wauwatosa Alderwoman to discuss issues facing our communities. I thank them for sharing their insight and perspective from a local level, and look forward to future conversations on how to better the lives of our citizens. 

Wisconsin Human Trafficking Update
WI Human Trafficking Update 9-25-19.jpg (3)
Busy day on Wednesday! This was at the 3-hour annual Wisconsin Human Trafficking Update and strategy conversation (hot topic: housing for those 18+). In the conversation today: Milwaukee Police Department + MPD sensitive crimes + FBI + U.S. Congressman Bryan Steil's WI chief of staff, Exploit No More + Benedict Center + Umos, plus additional non-profits actively and carefully and brilliantly working to combat trafficking in SE Wisco. It was a good conversation, I’m encouraged by the progress over the last 12 years, and I’m looking forward to moving forward as a result of our conversation. I’ve been working to combat trafficking in Wisconsin for 12 years, and while we have a long way to go, we have strong, dedicated partners working together and I believe we can end this crisis in my generation, and so we should. And so we will.

Safe Harbor Rally
Safe Harbor Rally 9-24-19.jpg
Representative Jill Billings and I met with church groups from across the state who traveled to Madison today to advocate for sending the Safe Harbor bill (AB 41) to the floor for a vote. It passed unanimously through committee in April but hasn’t yet been called to the floor of the Assembly for a vote. 
Safe Harbor is the decriminalization of child victims of sex trafficking, treating the children as victims versus criminals. Rep. Billings has led on this bill for years. It has broad bipartisan support, and we hope to see it called to a vote. Write your legislators if this is something you would like to see get a vote. Both Senator Kooyenga and I are co-sponsors of the bill. Let’s get it done.

Suicide Prevention Task Force
Suicide Prevention Task Force Panel 9-25-19.jpg
Also on Wednesday was a screening of "Kids in Crisis: You're Not Alone" and a panel discussion featuring the subjects of the documentary, hosted by the Assembly Suicide Prevention Task Force. One of the panelists was Barrett, an Elmbrook Schools grad and constituent of mine.
The courage and compassion of these young people is impressive beyond words. They spoke about their individual struggles with their mental health, and the strategies and resources they used to improve their mental health. 
Thank you all for sharing your stories - we are forever grateful. You are not alone. 
*If you or a loved one needs resources, visit the Suicide Prevention Task Force website here or click here for the Suicide Lifeline & HOPELINE numbers.*

State of Education
State of Education 9-19-19.jpgLast week was the State of Education, which presented awards to Teachers of the Year and featured remarks by State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor.
She acknowledged the challenges that face our education system, and how we are working towards a better future for students, parents, guardians, teachers, and all those affected by education. 
A couple of quotes stood out to me:

“I feel more energized than ever to make a difference in the lives of our students.” -State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor

“The power and promise of public education has long been a beacon, the great equalizing force in our society.”

Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic Heritage Month 9-26-19.jpg“Diversity is having a seat at the table. Inclusion is having a voice at the table. Belonging is that voice being heard.”
-Rebecca Cameron Valcq, Commissioner of the Public Service Commission

Wauwatosa Town Hall with Congressman Sensenbrenner
Sensenbrenner Tosa Town Hall 9-21-19.jpg
My thanks to Congressman Sensenbrenner for inviting me to join his town halls the last two weeks. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to spend time with constituents in the context of a Town Hall.
BEHS Interns 9-21-19.jpgOur Brookfield East High School interns joined us at the town hall, right before their Homecoming dance!!! I have tremendous appreciation for our young people.


Topical Town Halls.png

Last week, I announced a new initiative called "Topical Town Halls" - neighborhood educational opportunities about five different topics, hosted around the district throughout the fall and winter. 

Stay tuned for dates and locations of these town halls!  

Read my press release here to see the topics, announcing our Topical Town Halls. 

Give Kids a Smile Day
Give Kids a Smile 9-28-19.jpg
Planning for the weekend? Please share to help people know this is available THIS weekend. We have a dental care shortage in Wisconsin, and you never know who might need this. 

 Assembly Democrats Podcast

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Did you know that we have a podcast? Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts! The latest episode is available now!

They're short, sweet, and keep you up to date on the basic happenings in the Capitol.   

Looking Forward 

Feel free to email or call my office with any questions or concerns, or meet with me at one of my in-district office hours or listening sessions.


Forward together,

Rep. Robyn Vining


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