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Forward Fridays


Welcome to my latest e-update! Here are highlights from the past week as your State Representative. 

As always, feel free to reach out to my office with any questions or concerns you have.

Forward together!  

Legislative Doors 
East Tosa Doors 9-6-19.jpg

Hello from East Tosa! One of the many fun parts of knocking doors is meeting new neighbors. With housing turnover fairly high in Wauwatosa this year, I'm introducing myself to new residents. If you’re a new resident, or you know one (new neighbor? Friends that moved?), please send an email and we will update the information!  MKE Doors 9-13-19.jpg

Last week, we were knocking doors in our Milwaukee wards! I serve 5 Milwaukee wards, wards shared with Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Alderwoman Nikiya Dodd.  Lots of people were home, the weather was beautiful, and I felt like wearing a pink dress in warm, sunny September and so I did. Happy Friday, everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!

Assistant District Attorney Press Conference

Gov Press Conference ADAs 9-17-19.jpgI was honored to speak on Tuesday at the Governor’s press conference in Waukesha County announcing additional ADA positions. I spoke about the impact of 2.5 more positions on more time allocated to sensitive crimes cases, domestic violence cases (Women’s Center reports 75-80/month right now), drug treatment courts amidst an opioid crisis, and the adoption process which needs more staffing/speed cases up.

It is my hope that with more staffing more time and attention to these things will provide for a more just criminal justice system. 

Read my full statement here.  

Extreme Risk Protection Order Legislation

80% of Wisconsinites_ERPO.png

Yesterday, legislation was introduced for Extreme Risk Protection Orders. This legislation has had Republican support in the past, and this cycle it’s written with due-process protections and should, theoretically, have bipartisan support this cycle.

Some facts about the bill: 

- Judges have upheld this type of legislation as constitutional. This law was written very carefully to be bipartisan.

- It upholds 2nd and 4th amendment rights

- Judges are required to make the determination

- The list of reporters is short and narrow

- It’s temporary, when enacted

- It’s a felony to falsely report, with huge fine

Read my full statement in support of ERPOs here.  

Watch the full press conference here

Family First Prevention Services Hearing
C&F 9-18-19.jpg

The Family First Prevention Services Act is a new federal program for children and families in the United States. This week’s hearing in the Assembly Children & Families Committee was informational to hear both how other states have worked to implement Family First and what we need to do to get ready. Wisconsin has chosen to delay until the Oct 1, 2021 start date, so it’s our job to spend the next two years making sure Wisconsin is ready to go by the next deadline. We heard from the Department of Children & Families what they believe is needed from the legislature. Because of schedule juggling, I even managed to be the ranking member on the committee for about 45 minutes!

Health Committee Hearing
Health Committee 9-17-19.jpg
Also on Tuesday, I was in Madison for a brief Health Committee hearing and executive session for Assembly Bill 427, allowing emergency response providers to apply for a federal program (ET3). 

Constituent Meeting- Dentists
Tosa Dentists Mtg 9-18-19.jpgEnjoyed our local Wauwatosa women pediatric dentists stopping by the office on Wednesday!

Suicide Prevention Task Force
Suicide Prevention Task Force MKE 9-9-19.jpg
As I scrolled the photos from last week’s Suicide Prevention Task Force hearing in Milwaukee County, I realized the photo I wanted to share is the photo- not of us as a group of legislators, but of a mother telling the story of losing her daughter, Kelsey, to suicide. My glasses were down, and this was part of about 2 hours of what I can only describe as... sobbing. I sat next to my colleagues and we listened, as we are charged to do, to experts, and to parents and children and tell the stories of their lost loved ones.
The overarching theme was repeated, “suicide is preventable, 100%”. And so I left the hearing marked by voices and faces and stories and experts and tears. And the feeling that I hope never leaves me: we have to do more, this is preventable. And so, we should do the work to save the lives like those we wept, those we so desperately wish we could bring back. 
Legislators, we need to fund the programs, we need to restructure how we fight, and we need to choose to save lives without the interference of special interest groups. 100% preventable. Let’s do the work.

DOC Sec. Carr Meeting 9-12-19.jpg
Last week, I started one of my days in Wauwatosa with the Wauwatosa School District leadership + Wauwatosa Police Department to discuss school safety, and then drove to Madison for a meeting with DOC (Corrections) Secretary Carr and his staff.
I then had an impromptu opportunity to meet with a constituent who is a Tosa Police Officer about a bill meant to serve our guard workers called to active duty. He was testifying at the hearing and stopped by my office afterwards, which was a fun surprise! I also submitted to leadership the first responder we will recognize Oct. 10. It was a productive day! 

Brookfield Town Hall with Congressman Sensenbrenner
Sensenbrenner Brookfield Town Hall 9-14-19.jpg
Congressman Sensenbrenner invited me to join him for a town hall in Brookfield on Saturday. I was happy to be there and was able to answer questions asked of me related to Fair Maps and ERPO/Red Flag laws.

 Assembly Democrats Podcast

Some Assembly Required.jpg

Did you know that we have a podcast? Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts! The latest episode is available now!

They're short, sweet, and keep you up to date on the basic happenings in the Capitol.   


Concerned about vaping and the vaping related illnesses that have been in the news? 

Elmbrook Schools has put together resources to help parents, guardians, students, and schools help combat this growing issue in our state and across the country.

Visit their website here to access these resources. Thank you,  Elmbrook Schools!

Looking Forward 


Today, I announced a new initiative called "Topical Town Halls" - neighborhood educational opportunities about five different topics, hosted around the district throughout the fall and winter. 

Stay tuned for dates and locations of these town halls!  

Read my press release here to see the topics, announcing our Topical Town Halls. 

Topical Town Halls.png

Wauwatosa Town Hall - Congressman Sensenbrenner

This Saturday, Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner will be available to answer any questions related to the federal government, and my colleagues and I will be available to answer questions related to the state government.
Saturday, September 21st, 1PM
Wauwatosa Public Library, Firefly Room
7635 W North Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 

_Sensenbrenner Town Hall- Wauwatosa September.png (1)

Feel free to email or call my office with any questions or concerns, or meet with me at one of my in-district office hours or listening sessions.


Forward together,

Rep. Robyn Vining


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