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Forward Fridays


Welcome to my latest e-update! Here are highlights from the past week as your State Representative. 

As always, feel free to reach out to my office with any questions or concerns you have.

Forward together!  

The Budget

On Tuesday, June 25th, the Wisconsin State Assembly voted on the biennial budget. The budget that we voted on was not the original proposed budget - The People's Budget - but a budget amended by Republicans in the Joint Finance Committee and the legislature. This new budget does not reflect the will of the people - it falls short.

Democrats attempted to introduce amendments to include crucial pieces that the people had asked for: Medicaid expansion, proper funding for the UW system and K-12 schools, clean water, and closing the Dark Store Loophole. All these amendments were shot down, on a party line vote.  

The budget passed 60-39 in the Assembly, with bipartisan opposition - 3 Republicans voted no. The Senate voted on the budget on Wednesday, with a 17-16 vote, also with bipartisan opposition - 2 Republicans voted no. 

Read my full statement on the passage of the budget here 

Maiden Speech

Vining Budget General.jpg 

It was an honor to stand on the floor of the Wisconsin State Assembly and speak for the very first time, on behalf of women and children and health and education and fiscal and moral responsibly and how we are to steward the power of the office on behalf of those we serve. 

Maiden Speech - Pearls.jpg 

I spoke wearing my great grandmother’s pearls, and as I waited to speak, I was reminded of all those days as a preschooler I’d approach her house and look for the Raggedy Anne doll in the window— placing it ahead of my arrival was her way of letting me know she was waiting for me. May we steward well the days of our lives and care for one another as best we can, with whatever influence we are given, and for as long as we are able. 

Watch my full speech here

 Public Education March - 60 for 60

 March for Public Ed.jpg

As we voted on the state budget in the Assembly, including K-12 education funding, hundreds of public education advocates marched onto the Capitol to show their support for proper funding. They marched 60 miles, from Palmyra to Madison, in support of 60% reimbursement rate for special education, among other education provisions.

I was happy to greet and hug two of my constituents outside of the floor of the Assembly who participated in the march. I voted on the state budget that night with the sweat of my constituents on my skin and on my blazer. Thank you for your advocacy!

What's next for the State Budget?

The Republican's budget passed through both the State Assembly and State Senate this week. It now makes its way to the Governor's office, where he has a few options: sign the bill in its entirety, veto the bill in its entirety, or partial/line-item veto (veto parts of the budget- words, sentences, sections). If the budget is not signed by the Governor by July 1st, funding will continue at base level (the previous budget funding levels). 

 Bill Signings

AB 110 Signing.jpgAssembly Bill 10: 

Governor Evers signed into law this week Assembly Bill 10, closes a loophole that gives businesses an unfair tax advantage for moving their business out of Wisconsin. I'm proud to be a co-sponsor of this bipartisan legislation that saves taxpayers money and encourages Wisconsin businesses to stay in our state. 

 Redistricting Fair Maps Pic.jpg

The Supreme Court decision today is disappointing, but we spent the last 6 months getting ready for it, just in case it went this way. In January, we declared the importance of fair maps. In February the Governor announced he’d include Fair Maps in the budget. In May, Joint Finance Republicans removed Fair Maps from the budget, and we speedily released the bill. I’ve taken the lead in the State Assembly on this bill, and so far all 36 Democrats and 2 Republicans have signed on (61 to go...). 70% of Wisconsin believes in non-partisan fair maps and so we will fight for them with everything we’ve got. Now, tell your State Representatives Senators to sign onto the bill and demand a public hearing. The will of the people is the law of the land, and the voice of the people is the heart of our state!

Read the full bill here

Redistricting Graphic.png (1) 

Evicted Exhibition 

Evicted 1.jpg

I was honored to attend and speak at the grand opening of the "Evicted" exhibition last week hosted by the Near West Side Partners in Milwaukee, based on the book by Matthew Desmond about the eviction crisis in the city. 

Evicted 2.jpg

Information about the exhibit, which runs through September, can be found by clicking here

Evicted 3.jpg

Happy 4th of July!

Because of the holiday, we will not be sending an e-update next week. I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July! Enjoy some fireworks, brats, and parades - I will be walking in both the Wauwatosa and Brookfield parades, so come say hi! 

Looking Forward

Office Hours Suggestions.png

We will be hosting more in-district office hours next month, and are in search of a location! Contact my office with suggestions for a local small business (cafe, restaurant, etc.) where we could meet with constituents in the 14th district. 

Feel free to email or call my office with any questions or concerns, or meet with me at one of my in-district office hours or listening sessions.


Forward together,

Rep. Robyn Vining


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