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Forward Fridays


Here we are in our fourth week of our E-update. This week, I wanted to do something different -- talk about my first 100 days in office!

The past 100 days have been incredibly exciting, rewarding, and fast-paced. It’s an honor to serve the 14th district as your representative.



010719 Inauguration #463.jpgI was sworn into the Wisconsin State Assembly on January 7th, 2019.  

Press Conference

011519 Dem Press Conference #11.jpgFor my first press conference, I was the lead speaker- advocating with my colleagues for good government, in the form of nonpartisan redistricting.  


Womens Health Workshop.jpgI’ve had countless meetings with constituents, advocates, organizations, and lobbyists -- in the capitol, and in and around the 14th district. The topics we discussed covered every facet of the lives of Wisconsinites -- healthcare, business and jobs, education, the environment, and everything in between.


I make a habit to meet with other legislators often, especially those across the aisle, to discuss new ideas, projects, and bills. I’ve met with my Republican colleagues nearly every week to work on a new way to make our state better for everyone.   


The legislation I focus on tend to fall in three “buckets” -- healthy children and families, small business and jobs, and good government.

I’ve cosponsored over 30 resolutions and bills this session so far. The topics of these resolutions and bills include: safe harbor for victims of human trafficking, expungement, and proclaiming March as Women's History Month to name a few.  

I am currently working on writing my FIRST resolution for the month of May -- stay tuned for that!  

 Committee Hearings

As a member of the legislature, we’re assigned to committees to learn more about specific topics and vote on certain bills before they get to the Assembly floor. My committees are Children & Families, Financial Institutions, Health, and Small Business Development.

C&F Hearing 3-27-19.jpgIn Children & Families, we’ve met for Child Abuse & Neglect report briefing from the Department of Children and Families, an informational hearing from numerous organizations related to children & families in Wisconsin, and a public hearing and executive session to hear testimony, ask questions, and vote on specific bills that were referred to our committee.

In Health Committee, we’ve had two public hearings and an executive session.


2019 State of the Tribes Address -105.JPGThe Wisconsin State Assembly has passed 29 bills and resolutions so far this session.


Miss Mollys Office Hours 4-18-19.jpgWe’ve had 4 different in-district office hours -- typically 1 or 2 per month -- in different small businesses in the 14th district.

Medicaid Town Hall.jpgWe’ve also had a Medicaid Expansion Town Hall in Wauwatosa (just this week!) to talk about the enormous cost saving and investment in our health care that accepting this expansion will create.

Reading Letters.jpgI’ve received a lot of correspondence from constituents about the things they care about -- thank you! This includes 246 emails, 62 letters, and numerous phone calls and visitors at office hours and our town hall. 

 Community Events

The best part of being a representative is engaging with the community -- and that means going to fun events!

BCHS Boys BBall.jpgI’ve visited 6 schools (and counting), spoke at a Social Justice Panel at Marquette University, and celebrated UWM’s R1 research status. I also issued two citations (honorary plaques) to students in the district -- one for sports and the other for arts.

MKE Delegation.jpgAs a Milwaukee area legislator, we have many meetings with our Milwaukee Delegation. These meetings include engaging with local government, elected officials, and community leaders, touring businesses and nonprofits, and talking with other legislators about what we can do to help our community.

Tosa School Board Mtg 4-1-19.jpgI’ve attended a school board meeting in Wauwatosa, several public school advocacy meetings, participated on a panel with the Elmbrook School Board, and met with Elmbrook School Board members on a project for the community.  


Since January, I’ve done 12 press releases, three e-updates (four including this one!), and 120 posts on Instagram and Facebook. It’s important to me to keep my district as up to date as possible with what’s going on in the capitol and the district.


I’m working on a lot of projects right now and I am so excited about each and every one of them. Here’s a brief synopsis of each:

  • Small business growth and development
    • I’m working with Rep. Knodl, his constituent, and different department secretaries to make starting, maintaining, and growing a small business in our state a lot easier -- stay tuned for more about this awesome initiative!
  • Maternal & Infant Health
    • I’ve working with many maternal and infant health advocates to find out the shortfalls our state has and how to address them -- watch out for this in MAY!
  • Words Matter Campaign
    • This month, I launched the “Words Matter” pledge for elected officials to consider how their words impact the actions of others. Sign the pledge here and read the press release here to learn more!
  • Anti-trafficking legislation and initiatives
    • A large reason I ran for office is to protect the well-being of Wisconsinites. An important piece of that is the epidemic that is human trafficking. I’m working on different initiatives and legislation to protect victims of trafficking.
  • Non-Partisan Redistricting
    • My VERY first piece of legislation, nonpartisan redistricting reform, has been included in the Governor’s budget!
  • Adult changing tables
    • I am working with a constituent to achieve greater presence of changing tables for adults with disabilities across Milwaukee County and our state. 

Looking Forward
100 DAYS 2.pngFeel free to email or call my office with any questions or concerns, or meet with me at one of my in-district office hours or listening sessions.


Coming up: Milwaukee Listening Session with Governor Evers!

MKE GOV Listening Session.png*CLICK HERE TO REGISTER* 


Forward together,

Rep. Robyn Vining


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