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Welcome to my latest e-update. Here is a summary from the past week as your State Representative. 

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Robyn Vining  

Assembly Democrats Condemn Attack on Ukraine

     On Thursday morning, Assembly Democrats condemned the Russian attack on the Sovereign nation of Ukraine. My heart is with the families of those lost in this violent attack.

     On Monday I attended a press conference at Community Advocates. The Milwaukee Rental Housing Resource Center helps prevent evictions and offers local residents long-term solutions to avoid housing insecurity. At least three residents of the 14th Assembly District were involved in this partnership and press conference (and are pictured).

     For more information on what the Milwaukee Rental Housing Resource Center is accomplishing see this article: https://www.cbs58.com/news/milwaukee-rental-housing-resource-center-hopes-to-help-those-facing-eviction?fbclid=IwAR1kAq4vLV-O5J1CLfWT25Rwbe8yWwK0daU4AdYAJMejlT24hRWUyk64eb8


     Photos from fabulous Photojournalist Lee Matz. See link to article: http://www.milwaukeeindependent.com/photos/city-leaders-highlight-efforts-milwaukee-rental-housing-resource-center-prevent-evictions/

Session (VOTING!) Recap and Updates

     This week we’ve been in session for three days in a row (this is more than usual!), discussing and voting on bills that do not best serve Wisconsinites. Legislative Republicans have missed opportunities time and time again throughout this session to put forward legislation that would address the challenges Wisconsinites are facing. The Speaker has said that this week was likely our last time on the floor for this legislative session. Below is a quick recap of each session day and what the highlights have been from the last week.



     We know that here in Wisconsin parents are the first and best teachers our kids have, and parent involvement is critical to ensuring student success. Democrats have and will continue to fight for what’s best for kids. Instead of bringing bills to the floor that would help fully fund our schools, invest in special education, increase desperately needed mental health services in schools in the wake of the pandemic, and ensure that we provide our state’s K-12 students with comprehensive and inclusive history, Republicans passed a bill to massively increase property taxes by $577 Million. We were stunned.

Here is an article with more information: 




     I know how important honoring the work of our frontline healthcare workers is to the people of my district. We forced a vote on my Healthcare Heroes Bill, but the Republicans blocked it and instead passed a bill (AB 955) that spreads misinformation about COVID-19 and inhibits our healthcare professionals’ ability to keep our communities safe. After two years of Healthcare Heroes taking care of us, it is long past time for legislators to do our job to take care of them. I was disappointed in this outcome on Wednesday.



     Democrats forced a vote on the Black History Month resolution but it was blocked by Republicans. This is the third year in a row the Wisconsin State Assembly has refused to honor Black History Month. I am a co-sponsor of the resolution, and I am terribly disappointed in my Republican colleagues. 

     Assistant Democratic Leader Kalan Haywood (D-Milwaukee), speaking to the press about Black History Month.

     I took your emails with me to the floor of the Assembly! If you wrote in opposing the Republican bills attacking voters and elections— your voice was there as I voted to oppose this poisonous Republican attack on democracy.

    Republicans pushed hasty election bills through, facing staunch opposition from Democrats. The bills will likely be greeted by Governor Evers’ veto pen. My press release on the issue is below.

To read my full press release about the election bills this week, click HERE. 

Representative Evan Goyke, D-Milwaukee speaking to the press about Lincoln Hills.

    After the bill to finally close Lincoln Hills passed the Senate unanimously earlier this week, Speaker Vos shut down hope it would pass in the Assembly. But in a late day move Thursday, we were surprised when session broke for partisan caucus. A few hours later we were suddenly taking a vote on an amended version of the bill which passed unanimously. This amended version of the bill will now need to be passed by the Senate, which will hopefully occur in March: https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/politics/2022/02/25/assembly-lawmakers-unanimously-pass-plan-replace-lincoln-hills/6933731001/

More on Assembly Bill 971: Raising Property Tax to Fund Vouchers

     On Tuesday, February 22nd, Speaker Vos brought Assembly Bill 971 to the floor of the Assembly for a vote. AB 971 passed the Assembly along partisan lines. This bill could potentially raise property taxes by as much as $577 million according to a fiscal estimate from the Department of Education. Raising property taxes would be in an effort to make more private school students eligible for subsidized tuition. This year, instead of voting on bills that would fund our schools and ensure that every student in our state has access to quality education, the Speaker  has continuously brought bills to the floor to take funding away from our public schools. 

     We know that what is best for our kids is what is best for Wisconsin, and that starts with ensuring that every child has access to a high quality education. 

State of the Tribes 

     On Tuesday, February 22nd, The State of the Tribes Address was held in our Assembly chamber. This year President Shannon Holsey of the Stockbridge-Munsee Community delivered the 18th annual State of the Tribes Address. This  is an important tradition in the Wisconsin State Capitol, where Wisconsin’s tribal leaders share their values and concerns. The State of the Tribes Address is an important opportunity for us to listen, seek to understand, and to be challenged by the values and concerns of Wisconsin’s sovereign tribal nations. She delivered a fantastic speech about mental health, safe drinking water, equity, justice, and more. I recommend you watch the full speech on WisEye HERE.

Thank you, Bob Lang!

     On Wednesday, the Assembly passed Assembly Joint Resolution 141 honoring the work of Bob Lang, director of the nonpartisan Legislative Financial Bureau (LFB), and awarding him the inaugural Tommy G. Thompson Distinguished Public Leadership Award. Since 1977, Bob has been at the helm of the LFB, leading the agency through more than four decades, administrations of 9 governors, and numerous budget cycles. His reputation for reliably delivering nonpartisan and direct information has steered the LFB to success. Bob, thank you for your continued service to our state!

Thank you to Our Capitol Photographers!

     We are in session voting three days in a row this week— here’s a photo from last week with Democratic Leader Rep. Greta Neubauer — I want to offer deep appreciation to our Capitol photographers, Greg and Joe, who are working very long hours right now. As a professional photographer myself, I know the work doesn’t end when the camera finishes clicking— and I appreciate the fast turnaround they’re providing for session days, State of the State, State of the Tribes, committees, etc. Our Capitol photographers work HARD, and deserve our appreciation! THANK YOU!

Vaping Legislation Package Rollout

     Rep. Jill Billings, Sondy Pope  and I have re-introduced our Vaping Legislation package. This includes three bills, LRB-5583, LRB-5577, and LRB-5569 that are currently being circulated for co-sponsorship. The negative effects of child and adolescent tobacco use is well documented. In recent years, traditional tobacco cigarettes have given way to electronic cigarettes, often known by other terms such as “e-cigs” or “vape pens.” A growing number of studies have indicated that e-cigarettes, and their secondhand aerosols, contain dangerous and cancer-causing chemicals. Chemicals found in e-cigarette aerosols include propylene glycol, nicotine, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, and more. 

     Our role as legislators is to write and pass laws that protect and promote the wellbeing and safety of our constituents. Vaping has become a public health and safety issue rather quickly, especially when it comes to our kids. These bills help build on the action by our state agencies to protect public health and consumer safety, while allowing the lawful use and sale of these products to still occur.

     Contact your legislators and ask them to co-sponsor the Vape Legislation package today! 

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

As of February 24th, 9,271,082 COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Wisconsin and 63.9% of Wisconsin residents have received at least one dose, with 60.3% fully vaccinated.


DHS has reported that new data indicates that unvaccinated individuals are 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with COVID-19, are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19, and die from COVID-19 at 14 times higher rates than fully vaccinated individuals.


The best protection against any variant of COVID-19, is to get fully vaccinated and get a booster shot. All Wisconsinites ages 5 and over are eligible for a FREE COVID-19 vaccine series. Additionally, all those 18 years or older who had their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine at least six months ago, or got their Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine at least two months ago, are eligible for a free booster shot. Getting your booster shot will provide the best protection from COVID-19, including the new omicron variant.


Find more information of COVID-19 variants HERE.


Find additional information on booster shots HERE.


For more information about where you can get a vaccine, visit the DHS website HERE.


En español, AQUI. ¿Tiene preguntas sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19? Llame al 844-684-1064 (llamada gratuita)

COVID-19 Update

14th District Counties

Milwaukee - 239,848 Fri, Feb 18, 2022 and 240,212 confirmed cases Fri., Feb 25, 2022 (increase of 364)

Waukesha - 95,468 Fri, Feb 18, 2022 and 95,699 confirmed cases Fri., Feb 25, 2022 (increase of 231)


Forward together,

Rep. Robyn Vining


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