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Forward Fridays


Welcome to my latest e-update! Here are highlights from the past week as your State Representative. 

As always, feel free to reach out to my office with any questions or concerns you have.

Forward together!   

Bill Signings Truckers Ed Anti-Trafficking Bill 11-20-19.jpg

On Wednesday, Governor Tony Evers signed the "Truckers Against Trafficking" bill into law that I co-sponsored. The bill requires commercial truck drivers to receive educational training on how to recognize and prevent human trafficking while on the road. Human trafficking has been documented in all 72 counties of Wisconsin, and this new law is an important step in curbing this abhorrent practice. As someone who ran for office to combat the atrocity that is sex trafficking, and as someone who has worked against this nightmare for a decade, I am very happy to see this bill signed into law.

Other bills that Governor Evers signed into law this week include:

Act 22relating to: a minor contracting for admission to a shelter facility or transitional living program.

Act 24relating to: pharmacists and pharmacy students administering vaccines.

Act 31relating to: mandatory period of confinement for homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle and providing a penalty.

Act 34relating to: electric bicycles and providing a penalty.

Act 49 - relating to: the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. 

Postpartum Healthcare

Postpartum HC Bill (1).png

Currently, all postpartum women who are eligible for BadgerCare Plus while pregnant are eligible for BadgerCare Plus benefits for two to three months after the last day of pregnancy. This proposal will extend Medical Assistance coverage for substance abuse-related health services for postpartum women up to one year, ensuring continuity of treatment for the women who need it most. This bill extends postpartum coverage from 2-3 months to one year, under the Medical Assistance program (Medicaid), not the ACA Marketplace. Currently, coverage is for 2-3 months after pregnancy.

This measure will help mitigate the opioid crisis and protect children who may otherwise experience its repercussions. According to a 2017 study by the United Hospital Fund, 34,500 children in Wisconsin have been affected by opioids. The same study reported that projected total costs relating to the opioid crisis in the state will reach $6.5 billion by 2030.

Growing up in a household with exposure to substance abuse is considered an adverse childhood experience (ACE). Such traumatic experiences can even interfere with brain development. However, research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention demonstrates that strategies can be implemented to prevent ACEs or reduce their impact, if these children and their families receive appropriate support. It’s up to us to provide the support these families need.

This legislation is in line with guidelines provided by the American College of Gynecologists. It had also been included in Governor Evers' proposed budget. 

Read the bill here!

Elmbrook Schools

Elmbrook 11-18-19.jpgThis week, I met with my colleagues Sen. Dale Kooyenga and Rep. Rob Hutton at Burleigh Elementary School in Brookfield to speak with Elmbrook Schools administrators, teachers, school board members, and parents. We discussed the future of education, science-based reading techniques, and gifted and talented education programs. Thank you for meeting with us!  

Neighborhood Meeting 

Sheraton Lawns Neighbor Mtg 11-18-19.jpgI want to brag for a moment about our high school delegation (our in-district interns). Our HS delegation never steps foot in the Capitol, they don’t see the inner workings there, they work exclusively in the district. They’re not paid. They don’t get school credit. They do it because they’re interested in how they can create the change they want to see in the world. And, they’re very talented young people. Monday night, Zach & Michael attended a neighborhood meeting in Wauwatosa with me to present on Fair Maps and the Dark Store Loophole. We got there, and I suggested they could present the bills if they’d like, and Michael looked over the notes and stood up and presented the Dark Store Loophole and why we should close it. Zach is shown in the background taking his normal furious notes. At the end, both Zach and Michael gave me feedback on the event, and their own opinions in response to what was talked about. They also weighed in on current events, asked questions, and then went home. Zach lives in Brookfield and Michael in Wauwatosa. And I’m excited about what we are building across the district. I’m also excited our young people are thinking critically about the issues that interest them, and working to figure out how to the change the world in the ways they wish to see it changed. We should be very proud of this generation.

Medical College of Wisconsin

MCW Trauma Neuroscience Luncheon 11-18-19.jpg

On Monday, I attended the Medical College of Wisconsin Luncheon "Understanding of Neuroscience & Trauma to Unlock Human Potential & Affect Justice System Outcomes", with Dr. Terri deRoon-Cassini of Froedtert/MCW. It was a great turnout and a fantastic intersection of people/professions. You will be hearing more about this from me! And, I’m already looking forward to the next luncheon Feb 10, focused on addiction.  

Wauwatosa West High School Multicultural Fair

Tosa West Multicultural Fair 11-20-19.jpgOUR INTERNS:
Our Brookfield East Delegation (dynamic trio Shagun, Catherine, Zach) attended the multicultural fair at Wauwatosa West High School (where TOSA intern Michael attends) and had a blast!  Tosa West Multicultural Fair 3 11-20-19.jpg

Tosa West Multicultural Fair 2 11-20-19.jpg

High School Sports News

In exciting 14th District sports news...

- Brookfield East High School Girls Swimming won State

- Brookfield Central High School Boys Soccer won State

- Brookfield East High School Boys Football team won the State Final today in Madison!  

Congrats to these teams for their incredible accomplishments, and all the Elmbrook and Wauwatosa student athletes who competed this fall!  


Topical Town Halls Topics (1).pngI announced a new initiative called "Topical Town Halls" - neighborhood educational opportunities about five different topics, hosted around the district throughout the winter and spring -- November, January, February, March, April, and May. 

Our next Topical Town Hall with be in January on the topic of human trafficking. More information will be shared soon!

Read my press release here to see the topics, announcing our Topical Town Halls.   

  Assembly Democrats Podcast

Some Assembly Required.jpg

Did you know that we have a podcast? Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts! The podcast is taking a short holiday break -- catch up on last week's episode or any of the previous episodes. 

They're short, sweet, and keep you up to date on the basic happenings in the Capitol. 

Looking Forward 

Feel free to email or call my office with any questions or concerns, or meet with me at one of my in-district office hours or listening sessions.

Forward together,

Rep. Robyn Vining


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