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Safe Harbor

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I wanted to pass along a quick mid-week update from Representative Jill Billings on the status of the Safe Harbor bill and echo her request for some advocacy on the bill. 

Status of the bill:

Currently both the Assembly (AB 41) and Senate version (SB 49) of the bill are awaiting a vote from their respective legislative body.

What needs to happen:

Since both bills have passed out of committee, the Senate and Assembly leadership need to agree to put the bill on the next legislative calendar.

The next dates to take action on the bill are next week. The Senate will be on the floor on Nov. 5th and the Assembly will be on the floor on Nov. 7th and Nov. 12th. 

We are hopeful that the Senate will take action on SB 49 on the Nov. 5th date. We should know if it will be on the session calendar in the next few days.

If the Senate does hold a vote on the bill on Nov. 5th, then the Assembly would be able to have a vote on Nov. 7th on the bill.

This would be the best case scenario. However, we know the legislative process doesn’t always go as planned. So that’s where we need your continued advocacy.

Action you can take:

Right now, it would be most helpful to have you to contact ASSEMBLY REPUBLICANS, and ask them to support AB 41/SB 49 and vote in their caucus to move the legislation to the floor for a final vote.

People can find their legislator by typing in their home address under the “Who are my Legislators” box on the right-hand side of the WI State Legislature webpage.

Further, although you can call State Senators and ask for their support—we don’t have concerns at this time that it wouldn’t be supported by the Senate. The bill did pass the Senate last session with unanimous support, and we expect the same this session once it is scheduled for a vote. If time is limited, it’s best to focus contacts on Assembly Republicans.


Linked here is a 1-pager Rep. Billings' office developed with facts and the talking points we have been using on why Wisconsin needs to pass Safe Harbor legislation. We will be sending a copy of this to all legislative offices this week.

You are welcome to use this fact sheet in any way that would be helpful. 


Forward together,

Rep. Robyn Vining


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