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Welcome to the Tenacious Tenth!

I am honored to be serving the 10th Assembly District in the 2023-2024 legislative session. As a long term advocate for youth justice, opportunity youth, sustainability, and a care economy - I always legislate from the perspective that those who are directly impacted by challenges are the closest to the solutions.

As I grow into this role, I greatly enjoy talking to constituents and building coalitions to enact meaningful change in our communities. Please reach out to my office to get connected. Being in tune with the heartbeat of my community helps me fight unapologetically for us in the state legislature.

This session has been intense. Over the first few months, I was thrown into a whirlwind of fights that have huge implications for residents around the state. Nonetheless, I've been showing up to the best of my ability and pushing my colleagues to do better for all of us. I am continuing to learn and explore avenues to pass legislation that supports the residents of the 10th.

I am currently serving on the following committees during the 2023-2025 Legislative Session:

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Rep. Madison's Speech In Opposition to AB 245: Shared Revenue