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Opinion | Why Republicans Should Support BadgerCare Expansion

"Healthy people are stronger community members, more productive workers and better leaders. Consistent access to good health insurance makes us better able to contribute to the economy and provide for ourselves and our families. BadgerCare expansion helps citizens be more healthy, independent, enterprising, productive, and responsible.

So don’t let this story play out the same way it has in past legislative sessions. Embrace a new narrative. Say yes to expanding BadgerCare." - 12/01/2023

Democrats Introduce Healthy Wisconsin Legislation to Expand Access to Affordable, Quality Health Care

"Expanding BadgerCare will allow our state to receive over a billion dollars in this biennium and
improve health outcomes in Wisconsin,” said Rep. Riemer, “It’s a win for Wisconsin taxpayers and a
win for the tens of thousands of individuals who will be newly covered under the expansion by
receiving access to affordable, high-quality health care. Accepting the expansion is a no-brainer. I
hope my Republican colleagues will finally do the fiscally responsible thing and support this bill to
make our state, the Badger State, stronger" - 10/31/2023