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Workforce Legislation Takes the Floor

Madison, WI - State Representative Joy Goeben (R-Hobart) votes to get people back to work. The Assembly approved a package of bills designed to give people the training and opportunity to gain or regain employment and self-sufficiency.

“In April, Wisconsin held a referendum. One question asked voters if they think able bodied, childless adults be required to work in order to receive welfare benefits. 80% of voters said yes,” said representative Goeben. “There are nearly 100,000 high paying jobs available in Wisconsin. The Assembly listened to the people of Wisconsin and passed legislation that will get people working.”

The package of workforce bills promotes accountability, encourages personal responsibility, prevents fraud and abuse, and helps gets people back into the workforce.

Wisconsin has been a national leader in welfare reform. Under Governor Tommy Thompson, the Badger State became the model for the nation with its Wisconsin Works program. This new set of legislation continues Wisconsin’s tradition of reforming government.

 “Wisconsin has a strong work ethic, and its citizens take personal pride in the dignity of working and taking care of themselves, their families, and their communities,” Goeben continued. “Hard working Wisconsinites have spoken loud and clear: if you’re able, we need you to get to work”

The bills now go to the state Senate for consideration before heading to the Governor for his signature.