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School Safety and Merit Scholarships

School Safety and Merit Scholars Find Support in the Assembly

MADISON…Yesterday, Representative Joy Goeben (R-Hobart) heard the annual State of the Tribes address. She said “I was very interested in this address because I proudly represent much of the Oneida Nation. I look forward to building a relationship with them and find ways to address their concerns.”

Following the State of the Tribes address, the Assembly debated several bills. In a unanimous vote of 96-0, the Assembly voted to continue the Wisconsin Merit Scholarship program. Set at $5,000, the scholarships are based solely on merit, and are offered to Wisconsin residents who are attending UW System schools.

The Assembly then took up two bills that deal with school safety. First, Assembly Bill 53 requires high schools to collect statistics on a variety of crimes including homicides, sexual assault, burglary and battery, and report those statistics to the Department of Public Instruction for its annual report cards. Next, Assembly Bill 69 creates a threshold of 100 incidents and 25 arrests before a school resource officer is required to be employed by the school. Both bills passed the Assembly.

Rep. Goeben noted: “I am happy that both of these bills passed. They ensure that parents have information and that students are safe. These bills help teachers focus on teaching and students on learning.”

These proposals now head to the Senate for consideration.