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Representative Goeben Responds To Governor's Budget

Madison – Rep. Joy Goeben (R-Hobart) expressed disappointment with Governor Tony Evers’ budget request to the Wisconsin State Legislature and issued the following statement:

“Governor Evers continues to talk about working with the Republican controlled Assembly and Senate, yet his budget proposals focus on policies that he knows will not move forward. He has offered nothing new.” Rep. Goeben continued, “While Evers and I share several concerns, his focus on creating new programs, and increasing the amounts spent on existing programs, shows that he is out of touch with ordinary, hardworking Wisconsinites.

“He continues to take credit for Wisconsin’s strong fiscal position. Wisconsin does have a budget surplus, and is in the strongest fiscal position in its 175 year history, but only because the citizens of Wisconsin are over-taxed, and because the Republican caucuses in the Assembly and the Senate have held the line on spending.”

Rep. Goeben added, “I agree with the governor that Wisconsin is in a unique position with its current surplus, and can make needed improvements in many areas, from transportation, infrastructure, and to revenue sharing with Towns, Villages, and Municipalities. There are many ways to address the concerns that Wisconsinites have without ‘breaking-the bank’ – the solution isn’t always how much we spend, but how we spend our precious tax dollars in an efficient way, and in ways that make the most sense to solve real world problems.

“Along with my colleagues in the Assembly Republican caucus, I will commit to invest state resources into programs that work, defund the ones that do not, fix what is broken, and reduce the size of government by not funding new programs we can’t afford.”

 “I look forward to hearing from my constituents about Governor Evers’ budget proposals,” said Rep. Goeben. “I will be scheduling in-district listening sessions about the budget over the coming weeks, and I look forward to hearing from my constituents in District 5 about their concerns.”

Constituents can also contact their state representative by e-mailing or calling (608) 266-9105.