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Representative Goeben Introduces Legislation

Madison – Today, Rep. Joy Goeben (R-Hobart), introduced legislation along with Rep. Bodden and Sen. James that will protect children by prohibiting child sex dolls in Wisconsin.

β€œI learned about this issue after speaking to a constituent who is a law enforcement officer after he learned about them. During this discussion, I learned that these types of dolls are already in the state. They are extremely realistic and have robotic functionality. In my further research, I discovered that there is a high correlation between possession of these types of dolls and crimes against real, living children. I immediately realized I needed to take steps to protect children by banning these types of dolls from the state of Wisconsin.”

A number of studies suggest that these types of dolls can be used to groom children. They also may normalize sexual crimes against real children because the dolls are so realistic. Child and infant sex dolls desensitize and embolden the possessor into committing crimes against real children. The dolls can be used to manipulate real children into participating in sex acts.

Β β€œI was especially disturbed to learn that these dolls can be manufactured to resemble real children, and that they can be programed. Utilizing a β€œrape” button, the dolls can be made to cry and plead, or even made to say words of encouragement,” she continued. β€œMy goal in introducing this legislation is to prevent harm to children. The chances of harm coming to a real child because of these dolls is very real – it is not a victimless crime simply because it is a doll.” 

Child sex dolls are anatomically correct dolls made to resemble children and infants and have realistic genitalia and orifices. The legislation, LRB-2586/1, bans the intentional possession, sale, transport, manufacture, display, providing a premises for use of, and to provide instructions for their manufature in the State of Wisconsin.