The LRB publishes and revises the Wisconsin Administrative Code, which is a compendium of permanent administrative rules, organized by agency name. To promulgate an administrative rule, an agency must follow a statutorily prescribed process that is designed to provide the public with notice and information about the proposed rule and an opportunity to provide comment. When an agency has finished promulgating a rule, the LRB publishes the rule in the Wisconsin Administrative Code. The LRB electronically and continuously updates and publishes the code, with code chapters updated monthly as new rules are filed and other corrections are made.

The LRB also publishes the Wisconsin Administrative Register, which is a statutorily designated publication for notices related to agency rule-making and other agency actions. The LRB publishes the register weekly. The LRB publishes code chapters in the final register of each month, after which the electronically published code is updated.

Both the code and register are published on the legislature’s website, which allows the public to sort, track, and view various types of rule filings and provides a form for members of the public to submit public comments on proposed rules. Email notifications of rule-making activity are also available through the legislature’s free notification system. The electronically published code and register are recognized under 889.01, Wis. Stats.