27th SD Bluffview Sanitary District Gets Reprieve in JFC Final Motion

Madison – Senator Jon Erpenbach expressed relief for Bluffview Sanitary district following Joint Committee on Finance final action which extended the Clean Water Hardship Fund for programs in progress. Governor Walker’s budget would have eliminated the program immediately after passage of the budget and erased Bluffviews prospects in the program.

“I am proud and thankful to say that we worked in a bipartisan way to save the hardship program for Bluffview residents. Working with Senators Marklein and Olsen, we were able to extend the deadline for closure of the program until June 30, 2018. This new closure should allow Bluffview to get all of the final plans in to qualify,” said Senator Erpenbach.

Because Bluffview had shared their waste water treatment plant with Badger Ammunition Plant (the now defunct former largest munitions plant in the United States) and had been working for years to attempt to purchase the treatment facility from the Army, they have been delayed in improvement plans and have exceeded waste water nitrogen levels while the agreement languished.

“Our office was contacted by Robin Meier, Bluffview Sanitary District Administrator and Treasurer for Town of Sumpter, directly after the Governor introduced his budget. It has been a long haul trying to make things right for the residents of the community and sanitary district but this change will mean that the over 300 household community knows they can have a plan for safe waste water treatment soon,” said Erpenbach.

“Elimination of projects big and small always has an impact on citizens of this state. I am proud and thankful we were able to work together across party line to restore the Clean Water Hardship Fund for the Bluffview project at least. I am always hopeful that Governor Walker and future administrations will realize budget actions have consequences for real people.”