Walker holds out hope for another run at Kimberly-Clark


Disappointed, that's how Gov. Scott Walker says he feels after the State Senate didn't bring up the Kimberly-Clark tax incentive bill while in session earlier this week.

"We called for a bill the State Assembly passed all the way back in April," said Gov. Scott Walker. 

Walker is hinting that there may still be a chance to save a Kimberly-Clark factory and about 300 jobs after a tax incentive bill failed in the State Senate earlier this year.

Walker wanted the State Senate to vote on the bill during its lame-duck session earlier this week. But Republicans who control the Senate couldn't get enough votes. Instead, they approved a sweeping package of bills to limit early voting and curtail the powers of the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general.

"I'm not giving up. I think it's critically important. If it's the last thing I do... one of the things I hope I'm able to do before a month from today," Walker said. 

Company officials have said they will close it without the earlier proposed tax incentives that could reach as high as $100 million.

There's one thing many lawmakers can agree upon, hundreds of jobs are on the line.

"From the beginning, I never was committed to just one thing. Whatever it takes for us to work with the company and the union to keep those family supported jobs here, that's what I'm supporting," said State Sen. Roger Roth.

It's been 10 months since Kimberly-Clark announced its plans to close not one but two of its Fox Valley locations. That includes the one in Fox Crossing.

"My number one objective is to get this bill passed and to get the majority leaders scheduled for a vote on the floor of the Senate," Roth said.

FOX 11 talked to State Representative Amanda Stuck on Thursday who said Democrats have their own version of the bill. She went on to say the bill not only looks at helping Kimberly-Clark but other paper companies.

As for State Senator Roger Roth, he says he's still working on getting enough votes for the tax break bill that would keep this facility open.

Kimberly-Clark did not respond to our requests for comment.

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