Foxconn package public hearing on Thursday


The Assembly plans to hold a public hearing at the Capitol Thursday afternoon on a $3,000,000,000 incentive package to bring Foxconn to Wisconsin.  

Representative Adam Neylon says "we're going to provide every opportunity for people to make sure their voice is heard within this process."

Assembly Republicans hope the full chamber can vote on the package by the middle of the month.

On the other hand, GOP Senators have voiced support for finalizing the now month overdue budget before considering the Foxconn agreement.

"Foxconn is important.  There is no reason we couldn't run them together.  But I think to put Foxconn before the budget would be a strategic error."

Senator Roger Roth believes there are multiple reasons to focus on a new two-year spending plan.

"We've got to give certainty to our schools to let them know the kind of investment they'll be getting. We have to let our D.O.T. know the kind of infrastructure spending they'll be able to support in 2018."

Transportation funding continues to be the main issue holding up the state budget.

Governor Walker was part of a group that unveiled the Foxconn announcement in the middle of last week.

Democratic Representative Mark Pocan does not want to see the process rushed, instead urging state lawmakers to proceed with caution in reviewing the incentive package.

"I hope the legislature does their due dilligence to make sure that this is not just a taxpayer boondoggle."

Pocan believes Foxconn's interest in a U.S. factory is tied to threats from President Trump that tariffs will be placed on imported goods.  

If that does not happen, Pocan is afraid the company will scale back its plans, which call for building a $10,000,000,000 facility in southeast Wisconsin that could create up to 13,000 jobs.