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Town Law Forms Database

Alphabetical Subject Index

Town Law Forms Table of Contents (List of Forms)

Each form is numbered according to the statute section to which the form applies.

Opening the Town Law Forms Database displays all of the Town Law Forms and allows browsing or searching all of the forms. Selecting a form in the Alphabetical Subject Index or in the Town Law Forms Table of Contents displays only the form selected. These forms may be copied directly from the Internet to a word processor file for editing and completion as needed. To copy a form, drag the cursor across the form to highlight it, then copy and paste it into another document. When copying a form from the Town Law Forms Database, the user may wish to display only the form to be copied. If so, click anywhere inside the form and an arrow and magnifying glass icon will appear in the left margin next to the form title. Click on the magnifying glass and then click on "View just this form" in the menu that appears. Only the form of interest will be displayed. If you wish to return to viewing the full database, again click on the magnifying glass and select "View full document" from the menu.

All forms in this book are samples. The content of each is provided as an example and is intended to be modified and adapted to meet the specific needs of the user. No form, but especially no sample ordinance, should be used without prior careful review. Any questions about appropriateness, applicability, legality, sufficiency, adaptability, or modification should be directed to legal counsel. The forms and ordinances published in this book are based on Wisconsin Law, but DO NOT HAVE THE FORCE OF LAW. The Legislative Reference Bureau makes no guarantees regarding legality or enforceability of any document or ordinance produced from a form contained in this book.

Sample ordinances in this book are uniformly numbered, being divided into sections designated by uppercase Roman numerals. Sections may be divided into subsections designated by uppercase letters. Subsections may be divided into paragraphs designated by numbers. Paragraphs may be divided into subdivisions designated by lowercase letters. Subdivisions may be divided into subdivision paragraphs designated by lowercase Roman numerals. Reference to a "section," "subsection," "paragraph," or "subdivision" includes all divisions of the referenced section, subsection, paragraph, or subdivision.

Questions or comments about any of these publications or about the Wisconsin Town Law Forms may be directed to: Legislative Reference Bureau, Research Staff.

The printed Town Law Forms and books of Circuit Court and Municipal Court citation forms for use with the Citation Ordinance contained herein, as well as the printed Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations, and Wisconsin Administrative Code and Register may be obtained from:

Wisconsin Department of Administration
Document Sales & Distribution Section
4622 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53705-2156
(608) 266-3358 or TTY (608) 264-8499

Special thanks to the Wisconsin Towns Association for their assistance in the creation and preparation of The Wisconsin Town Law Forms and to the Dane County Towns Association for providing the form contained in the Appendix.


The Legislative Reference Bureau is a non-partisan legislative service agency that publishes statutes and rules. It does not apply, interpret, or enforce any statutes, rules, or other law.

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