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The Wisconsin Administrative Code & Register

Administrative Code (Updated Monthly)

Archive: Code text inserted and removed in Registers
January 1956 to present

Administrative Register (Published Each Monday)
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Archive: January 1956 to Current Issue

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Emergency Rules
All Rules Filed January 1, 2008 and after (Currently in effect and expired)

Final Administrative Rule Orders Filed for Publication
All Final Rule Orders Filed March 1, 1996 and after

Proposed Rules, Clearinghouse Reports, Agency Reports
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Administrative Code Index

Proposed Rules Index

Cross References in the Administrative Code

Appellate Court Citations to Administrative Codes

Code Archives and Historical Material

Finding Superseded Administrative Code and Using Code History Notes

Executive Orders and other material

Executive Orders 1965-Present

Administrative Rules Procedure Manual


The Legislative Reference Bureau is a non-partisan legislative service agency that publishes statutes and rules. It does not apply, interpret, or enforce any statutes, rules, or other law.

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