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Listen to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee Hearing Listen to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee Hearing (Archive)
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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation — The Department of Health Services (DHS) administers the State's Medical Assistance program, which includes non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services for individuals with low and moderate incomes. From August 2013 through June 2014, Medical Transportation Management (MTM), Inc., a transportation broker with which DHS has contracted, provided 2.3 million trips to approximately 69,300 Medical Assistance recipients. We analyzed concerns with the transportation provided by MTM, including no-shows and late arrivals, and we make recommendations to improve NEMT services and enhance oversight by DHS.
If you need help opening a report file, or have questions or comments, please contact us at AskLAB. or call (608) 266-2818.
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation — In fiscal year 2013-14, WEDC administered 29 programs through which it provided $88.7 million in tax credits, authorized local governments to issue $28.4 million in bonds, and awarded $19.4 million in loans and $17.2 million in grants. WEDC did not consistently follow statutes or its policies when making grant, loan, and tax credit awards, and it did not comply with all statutory requirements related to program oversight. Although WEDC improved its financial management practices in FY 2013-14, we include recommendations for WEDC to revise its fund balance policy and to improve its administration and oversight of its programs.
A Joint Legislative Audit Committee Hearing was held on Wednesday, April 8, 2015. The audio archive can be accessed through this link.
State of Wisconsin FY 2013-14 Single Audit — State agencies administered $12.1 billion in federal financial assistance in FY 2013-14. We provided an unmodified opinion on federal compliance and include 31 recommendations related to the administration of federal programs. We also questioned more than $224,000 in costs charged to federal programs.
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About the bureau
The Legislative Audit Bureau is a nonpartisan service agency that conducts financial and program evaluation audits of state agencies.
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About our reports
Our reports typically contain reviews of financial transactions, analyses of agency performance or public policy issues, and recommendations for improvement.
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About the Legislative Audit Committee
Reports are submitted to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, which may arrange public hearings and introduce legislation in response to our recommendations.
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